About Agile for Humanity

Human beings are meant to connect with each other. We’re programmed to share our stories and our journeys through the many aspects of life, as this allows us to make connections and gain new insights. At KnolShare, we strive to encourage people who are full of curiosity, capabilities, and optimism to achieve their full potential – and it starts when they join the conversation.

Agile for Humanity is a virtual and face-to-face community that creates space for conversations about social injustice, agility, technology, and leadership. Our conferences, meetups, and other events help build a community of like-minded, bright individuals.

Each Agile for Humanity event features a presenter or speaker who can deliver valuable information, as well as ample opportunities to converse with others within the community. Members leave these events with vital knowledge to help them build their skills in agility, technology, and leadership, as well as a greater sense of trust in their fellow members.